Amanah Saham is one of the government trust funds, managed by private companies and government companies. Basically, it is a low-risk trust fund, about similar with fixed deposit, yet the interest rate is slightly higher.

At least 10 years ago, I started to purchase Amanah Saham, the account is not easy to open any time, only when the government announces additional fund available for purchase, new account holder had to queue up in the bank or respective agencies for a few hours just to open an account, after that, the account holder can simply top up additional investment at any Amanah Saham agencies, it is also subject to fund availability, and some time will walk out disappointed, as there is no additional unit to purchase.

As per my observation, and advice from the agencies, they recommend account holder to check at the beginning of the month because it had higher chances other account holders withdraw fund, and the fund will back to the public pool. I use to visit post office try my luck from time to time.

Visit Amanah Saham Office

About half year back, I walk in into Amanah Saham Office at Bayan Lepas just to check my account balance, I get to know that I able to register an online account, check my account balance online as well as top up an additional fund online. What a good news and convenience way now! So the first thing to do is to walk in Amanah Saham office if you yet to had an online account. Just simply update your mobile number over the kiosk, and click “Register here” at

myASNB Portal Registration

Welcome to the myASNB portal. To complete your portal registration, simply follow the steps below to start using the myASNB portal.

Step 1 – Update your personal information at any ASNB or agent branches

Step 2 – Follow the simple myASNB portal registration steps

Step 3 – Login with your myASNB portal account

Step 4 – Start investing into your ASNB funds

Upon the completion of the registration, a temporary password will be generated. Kindly print/ save/ note down the temporary password for login.

Please remember to store your login credentials (username, password, secure phrase & security question answers) safely for your future use

You may refer above video, it shows you step by step how to register myASNB portal

I also found that anyone wishes to open an account, can simply open at their office subjected to fund availability. A minimum of RM100 can open an account, what you need to do is wait for 20 to 30 minute, as long there is RM100 in the public pool, the counter can help you open a new account immediately.

As per my speculation, imagine there is few million or billion of funds for the particular trust, from time to time, the system will generate interest, and the interest will park into the public pool, once it hit RM100, the counter can help you grab it and open an account.


Once you had registered an online account, you may log in via

After login, you may, you may click on the “Portfolio“, next to BM | EN.
Before this, take a look on this pages, it shows I had 3 funds, and also the total investment value. Apart from this, also the operating hours, day and time when you allow making the additional investment.

After you reach “Portfolio“, you will see your available funds, and click on the “Additional Investment” button. I usually try out all 3 available fund if I had luck to add on additional investment.


The following step, system will pop you the declaration of PEP, asking are you a politically exposed person? I choose No and click “NEXT

After this, scroll until the end of the page, tick the terms and conditions and click “NEXT

When you reach this section, key in the amount you want to invest. For the normal time, I would recommend you try your luck with RM100, if you don’t mind trying multiple time, try a higher amount and slowly reduce. Is very rare you get a good luck, someone withdrawal RM1000, and you key in RM1000 and get it. Yet, I had this luck before 🙂





I found another video shows you more detail apart from my above instruction. Do check it out

I do have some friend who disagrees to invest in Amanah Saham, they claim that return is slow and definitely if you had a better way of investment, go ahead, don’t park your money here.

In my opinion, Amanah Saham can serve as my emergency cash, the so-called saving at this moment, I also treat it as my retirement fund. Assume a person going to retired now 2018, he/she just require to had RM200,000 in Amanah Saham, based on the minimum 6% return, the return is approximate RM1,000 per month, which sufficient to cover monthly living expenses (provided no other commitment).