Every one living in every country require to paid income tax for the government! Do you know when the history of Income tax?

Thank for your dear friend, Robin Hood actually. He is the one who made the government come out income tax rules. Robin use to stole rich people money and give to poor people with is so call “justice” attitude. Unfortunately, the government want him to stop this “heroes” action, setup a rules to ask all the people paid income tax. The money use to help those poor people, and other country expenses.

malaysia income tax

For our country, Malaysia, the brilliant government keep on changing the rules. Few year back I remember those who salary more then RM2500 require to paid tax, while the latest changes was RM2401. I have graduate since 2006, with started salary at RM1200 (What a stupid decision graduate with a degree holder who pick this job with a low salary) until my previous career with  salary Rm2200. I am allow to avoid the income tax.

Unfortunately, my latest salary range at Motorola Technology has over RM2401 already. I am unable to avoid Income tax. I require to declare my Income statement and pay income Tax. So how to start as a new tax payer like me?

Now a day every thing can be convenience register online, let iCalvyn.com IT Engineer’s Blog guide you step by step how to register an income tax e-Filling account here

In order to start, you require to prepare your Government issue Identification Card (soft copy) and access www.Hasil.org.my

Look for “eDaftar“, It will bring you to http://ekl.hasil.gov.my


Click on “Daftar Pembayar Cukai Individu

individual income tax

After that, fill up all the detail as below. Base on this fill up, I do feel some stupid section… Base on “MAKLUMAT PEKERJAAN DAN MAJIKAN“, it request the “Tarikh MulaBekerja” for mine, which is 3 year ago.

While ending of this section, it request “Jumlah PendapatanTahunan“. Does this mean that the total of my current year earning is equal to the earning 3 year ago? not make sense right?

edaftar particular

Almost ending of this form, if you have register business name (Register of Business at SSM), you require to declare over here “MAKLUMAT PERNIAGAAN-JIKA ADA

Base on this section, it is advice to put in the real information even your ROB is not really making a lot money or even is inactive.

After submit, you will get a “No. Permohonan” which allow you to check your application status. You may check your status at “http://ekl.hasil.org.my/info.php”

registration number

Before close this page, you can access to “Muat Naik Disini” to upload your Identification Card soft copy and your SSM certificate if you have. If without upload, your application will not be process.

While finish every thing, I have access http://ekl.hasil.org.my/info.php to search for my “No. Permohonan“, all my information will be shown.

If you not yet upload your Identification card, you can do it here as well,

And also upload your SSM certificate soft copy if you have.

As you can see, below your information, it show “Status: DALAM PROSES“, after few days, you can try to search again, and for mine, I found this: “Status: PERMOHONAN ANDA TELAH DILULUSKAN” with at reference number.

process lulus

At this moment, meaning that your name is available in their database, you can either request PIN Number online or walk in Lembaga Hasil, and request for your PIN Number and proceed for your 1st time login.


Your Pin No. can be obtained from :
1) Previous year Tax Return Form
2) The nearest LHDNM branch via mail, fax or email .Please provide the following details and documents:

i). Tax Reference Number
ii). Latest Address
iii). Copy of Identification Card
(front and back)
iv). Telephone Number

Please send the application to pin@hasil.gov.my

I have send the above 4 item to pin@hasil.gov.my and wait for few days, I get a email with my PIN Number and I can proceed for my 1st time login at e-Filling (https://e.hasil.gov.my)

I will provide more guide and step by step on how to do 1st time login and also how to file your income tax soon… Stay tune!

Any information above unclear, or not understand, you can direct contact their hotline at : 1-300-88-3010 (Masalah/Aduan/Komen)