After talking about How to submit sitemap to google with using google webmaster tools, do you find any special for your website? Does your traffic increase? Google bot or spider will take few weeks up to few months to arrive at your website, if you found not many changes, the best thing you can do is get more backlink to your website, possibility Google bot or spider come your website will be higher, it might come from another website who link your blog.

Now, let see how to submit feed URL to Yahoo Site Explorer, Yahoo Site Explorer is a website which a bit similar to Google webmaster tools, you can submit feed URL to Yahoo Site Explorer, and let yahoo bot or spider crawl your website.

Now, 1st you need to access: Yahoo Site Explorer

Key in your URL over there and hit “Add My Site“, they will bring you to yahoo login page. You require a yahoo account over here or use your Yahoo email login ID to access.

Once access, you will see the URL you added there, you require to submit your feed URL in the yahoo site explorer. Click on the “0” below the feed

Key in your feed URL into Yahoo Site Explorer, and submit it.

After submitting the feed URL to yahoo site explorer, back to the main page, and click on the yellow button (red arrow) to verify or authenticate your website.

There are 2 option, either by uploading a verification file or by adding a META tag to your website

In this case, I will choose to upload a verification file to my website.

You provide to download an HTML file, if you unable to download the file, just open a notepad, copy the string above (f0f59bxxxxxxxxxx), paste into the notepad and save as y_key_38xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.html

After you have this .html file, upload it into your web hosting (Under Public_html) and access, you will see the string display on this web page.

Once finish, click “Ready to Authenticate“, and you can take a break, Yahoo take up to 24 hours to verify your website 😀

Well, I try to back the Yahoo Site Explorer Page, search for my own domain, it shows

6 Page was index by Yahoo previously, and 168 backlinks at the moment. Base on the above page, what I can see 3 out of 6 are link by another website, number 1 links from 168 websites, while 4, 5 are linked by before.

My 2 cent
Before I submit the feed to Yahoo, the bot and spider actually come to my website from another website which links me. In conclusion, a backlink is very important to let Search Engine Bot or spider to visit your website. (correct me if I am wrong)

After checking the summary, it shows 0-page index yet, I have to try to check the stat after a few weeks, the number of pages and inlinks has increased.

Well, I also realize there are some traffic come from yahoo search engine, but not as much as from Google search engine

Coming Up Next: I will talk about how to submit a sitemap to soon 😉 stay tuned

Update 2018:  The service was closed on November 21, 2011 and merged with Bing Webmaster> Tools