A lot of business advertise in Facebook using “boost” and no doubt, you will gain a lot likes and increase your popularity. yet you might spend a lot of money and never get the right customer. In order to narrow down your audience, you can use this Facebook advertising research tools name Facebook audience insight.

From your facebook, click on the triangle button and look for “manage ads“, click the menu bar “Facebook Ads” and you will see Audience Insights under plan

Once you reach audience insight, it will first ask you to choose your audience. Some business would like to target stranger, some would like to target only their facebook followers. In this scnariom we choose Everyone on Facebook.

Just 5 simple step, you can easily obtain a very useful audience insight and create a Facebook ads

  1. First, definite your audience. Example I am just need to target audience in Malaysia, just select your country. You may even target specific location such as state and city. After that define the age and gender, as well as their interest, connections and also advance setting to drill down your target audience such as language, relationship status, education, work, market segments, parents, politics (for US), and life events.
  2. Second, you can find out who’s on Facebook. Example below shows 54% women, and 46% Men within your specific area.
  3. Third, Apart from gender, you can also explore your audience by demographic, page likes, location, and activity they usually done. 
  4. Forth. Save your Audience. Save a profile name and easy for your future reference. 
  5. Once you know your audience with above setting, fifty step, you may create ads and start your advertising campaign.

Good luck and had a successful campaign. To know more about Facebook Business Advertising, you may check out this link.