Facebook has become a world wide phenomena and many companies are using it successfully to promote their business.

And Facebook is like no other media that you have ever used to promote your business. It reaches people in ways traditional advertising cannot!

So don’t get left behind, bite the bullet and start using Facebook to promote your business because your competition is!

How to use Facebook to promote your business?

Well, consider. There are over 350 million active users on Facebook, That’s a very big number of people using this medium. Actually try finding someone who does not use it and if they don’t use it now at some point in the future they will. So facebook is part of your business landscape. So use it to your advantage!

How powerful is Facebook!
Remember that on average each facebook user has 110 friends listed. That means that in principle with just 110 friends you can be networked to 110 x 110 Friends. That is 12,100 people who all know each other. Pretty impressive. Whats more because they are “Friends” that means you have access to the best form of advertising which is. Word of mouth and what is more it is FREE!!! So lets discuss
the ways to use it.

However, many business owners are daunted by Facebooks sheer scale, and simply don’t know where to start. Does this describe you?

If it does, you need to clue up on what Facebook can do for your business. So over the next week I am going to reveal to you the 9 Top Ways you can use Facebook to promote your business:

1. Create a Facebook Business Page.

2. Create Facebook Events for Promotions and Special Occasions

3. Use Facebook Ads

4. Create Contests and use Voting on your Facebook Page and Give Your Customers a Voice.

5. The advantage of sponsoring other Local businesses using Facebook

6. Integrate “Facebook Connect” on Your Website

7 Putting a Facebook link on your web site

8 Putting photos on your Facebook page and updating your Facebook page

9 Use Facebook to talk to your customers.

Writen by Graham Callingwood, coming up next on the above 9 ways of promoting your business in detail.