Last time before I change my theme, I plan to use another theme which is design by BOB ( Unfortunately the theme are not compatible with either firefox or IE.

Either one will screw up if I can manage fix once of them vice versa. So i give up with that theme. I decide touse this O2 theme since both browser give me a nice look.

Other then this 2 famous browser, there are other web browser such as Opera, Epiphany, BonEcho, Flock, Galeon, SeaMonkey, Navigator, Minefield, Kazehakase, Iceweasel, and much more. Your website may have different lay out when using different web browser

Different web browser in different OS (Operating system) also may give you different layout too. I was tested my website with This website shows my website layout in different web browser and also in different OS too. All are working fine.

If you are web designer, probably this tools will bring you a lot of benefit.