Do you guys know HP has Original Reward Program?
Average 1 HP toner able to redeem 1000++ point, example if you able to collect 11,000 point, you able to redeem RM30 KFC voucher, or 16,000 point to redeem RM50 Body Shop voucher. Event can redeem the HP toner and cartridge.

For normal home user, it was hard to collect a lot of point, because our usage are less, normal cartridge also has point to collect, you able to collect those eCoupon just like the picture below

For HP toner, the eCoupon can be obtain on top of the box, just tear off the sticker on top of the box.

After collect the e Coupon, just log in to HP Original Reward Website, after that select your country, click on Register as new member. Follow the instruction and the step to complete the registration. You will receive a mail with your log in ID, PIN code, and a link to change your password.

After you log in to the page, click on the “Register eCoupon”, key in the eCoupon and submit. TIPS: collect few eCoupon and submit it one short, you will able to get special promotion. Click the “Promotion redemption” to see more.

After register the eCoupon, click “Point Information” to view your collected point. I am quite new in this program and did not make any redemption yet, if not mistaken, after i submit the product to redeem, it will send to the address that i register.

Really wanna to special thank for my friend – Vincent Ho, who show me this HP Original Reward.