Every company or business owner will having employment issue. Either disciplinary problem , loss of expertise or short of man power issue. Problem will come from decision making. Hire staff and management of employee are once of the difficult part for HR department. To have a good management and have better decision making, HR department need a good system such as Performance measurement system.

I have browse thought this HR metrics system while I am just thinking why every organization must have HR department and even a small organization also need it. Big organization employee turn over rate are very high, without a system, will bring loss to business owner.

Every company says that their employee are their Assets. If without a good metric system to manage all the employee, it may bring loss to company, eg, loss of expertise. HR scorecard is one of the important system for a company. This HR scorecard is once of the performance measurement system to be use to record and measure the employee performance. This scorecard very useful during annual review. It may bring a staff to promote if the score mark are high.

Example a employee have successful bring benefit for company, in term of sales, service or selling product. When come to review, the manager will base on the HR scorecard to make decision on reward the employee, promote to higher position or increase salary.

For multinational company, some how company will send their employee to their parent company for training. To be decide who will take this place, HR scorecard also play an important role. Manager or superior will depend on this scorecard to made decision.

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3 different scorecard are available there:

HR ScoreCard
Use as a general metric framework for estimation of any HR-related issues.
HR Training ScoreCard Metrics
Use to help measuring general education and training performance.
HR Hire Metrics scorecard
Use to measure quantitative and qualitative indicators of HR Hire process

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For my opinion, this website provide valuable information as reference.