I wish to have a PDA smart phone since many year ago, but after think twice, what my purpose to having a smart phone? Play game, show off? like all the “ah beng” and “ah lian” own a smart phone for gaming and phone call only?

HTC Aria

I am satisfy with my Candy bar previously, a Calender able to let store reminder, note function able to let me store some data, 2MP camera able to let me shoot some important image, but when more and more data to keep, my candy bar unable to perform chocolate bar function. I require a Chocolate bar to enable me store more document like presentation, excel file, word file; go online to look for information at Internet hot spot instead of carry my net book; wider screen for me to show some web design template for my customer and etc.

Few month ago, a friend of mine introduce me HTC wildfire, offering me an awesome price (You can’t found in the market) with full warranty, but that moment, my candy bar haven get sick. Before I get my HTC Aria, I look for my friend, unfortunately, no more good deal at this moment.

Digi Online Store Promotion

My experience on DG online Store
I searching around, and found DG online store selling HTC Aria at at RM1,599 (Phone RRP: RM 1,799) and will have at RM300 rebate if purchase with using Paypal. Here what DG quote:

For HTC Aria, you pay RM1,599 and enjoy RM300* rebates. Nett price: RM1,599 -RM300 = RM1,299

*All rebates will be credited into customer’s PayPal account 4 weeks from the date of successful delivery of the item.

Seem like not much choice for me, I don’t want iPhone, and Blackberry as a lot of bad news out there, so without think much and research the feature for this phone, I immediate make decision to purchase.

I submit my order on Sunday evening, DG Online Store’s  system asking me to choose the delivery date (they promise the goods will arrive 3 days to 5 working days) the system shows wednesday onward, so i choose on Wednesday.

After do the payment, I am very desperate to get my 1st smart phone, Monday I query the DG online store for my purchase status, it show consignment number “Pending”, I call in to the helpline, the officer tell me everything is on track, I will receive a call from courier service and receive my HTC Aria at Wednesday.

Tuesday I make the same query, and call to helpline, the same answer from the officer. Wednesday, after lunch time, no response from DG and the courier service. I have a bad feeling DG is not doing their job.

I call to courier service center, they said don’t have any record on my name and my delivery address. I start to get mad and call to DG center, trying to get some info, unfortunately, “unexpectedly”, the officer handle my problem like MAXSHIT’s officer. I am very disappointed with DG because all the while the way they handle customer is very nice and I am very satisfied with their response. Piss off!

After make a few call, the officer said will call me immediately on Thursday morning once they find out what the problem. On Thursday morning, no respond from DG, I call in and screw again, and some one call me after half hour, a person name “Mykel”, explain nicely and mention my HTC Aria is at courier service  center already, they will call me shortly.

Within another half hour, courier service calls me, and I decide to collect it myself instead of waiting them to deliver. Overall, not really as expected (I expect DG can do better than others)

My HTC Aria User opinion and Review
The HTC Aria comes with 2G Micro SD card, still enough for me at the moment, and the market price for 8G Micro SD card is about RM45, might get 8G Micro SD soon.

The battery is very small, and as expected, the battery drain very fast, within 1 and half day finish already.

Android Version
HTC Aria come with Android 2.1, I am using Android 2.1 for 1 week, and discover some inconvenience feature, such as messages did not show blocks, and software unable to install in external memory card. After upgrade to 2.2, the feature is much more better, but some time I found when I open the phone and start scrolling, it will have a 0.5 second hang time. This discovery only found after install from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2

Android’s Software
I am still playing around with my HTC Aria, looking around for some nice software, hopefully will discover some tips to share here. As what I discover, what ever software available at iPhone, android will also be available. In my opinion, although a lot of people own iPhone, but I foresee the Android market is much more bigger then iPhone.

iPhone require to jail break only able to get all the paid software free, for android, you can download the APK file from a lot forum that share “crack” software. I have download “Document to go” and “Papago X5” to my HTC Aria few days ago

After few week playing around, the only disadvantage I discover is the alarm. Alarm cannot rang when the phone is shutting down.
Usually I will shutdown my phone and charge the battery, this kind of method seriously will prolong my battery life time (as I practice this for my Nokia 6300, the battery life time is still very strong right now), for my HTC Aria, the alarm unable to rang when the smart phone is shutting down. Few time I unable to awake due to the alarm not ringing, and I am charging my phone over night.

other than the phone, I get a nice number prepaid sim pack and an enormous umbrella