1 week back I have write a sponsored post about DIY Your Logo, and I just wonder I also can design my own logo with the software I have. If I just design for my self, I am wasted my logo design software. I just think to give out some free Logo design for my reader, any one need?

There are more different style design below that i have design

This is the Original Logo, your logo topic will be replace at the “LOGO” and your slogan will be replace at the “Yo! Look Out Below”. Kindly estimate your length of word~

With the 1st logo 1 posted, I have add on a “weekly” word and adjust the size of the word base on the Original setting.

Base on my name and Blog Topic, I have design this logo with the topic is “Calvyn” and the slogan is ” IT Engineer Blog” and the slogan color are in red

For this logo, I have made one for my Friendster Community, i guest some of my friendster already get hitted~

I have post this logo as a comment to almost all my friend in the list list

Last but no least, if you found this topic is nice, you may help me promote it ~ no force ~

kindly attach this code at your blog.

<a href =http://blog.icalvyn.com/freelogo><img src= “http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/9620/icalvynku2.jpg alt=”free logo from iCalvyn.com”><br></a>