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Meantime, if you don’t mind spend a few minutes read my personal review on Divi Themes

If you experience with WordPress, you might or might not hear before some web developer use “PAGE BUILDER” to build their awesome website, the WordPress page builder it is an add-on feature where ease for you to building a web page, create a stunning website without a lot of effort, either drag and drop or visually edit it without a lot of steps. example like below:

If you hear before, probably you know ELEMENTOR, DIVI BUILDER, BEAVER BUILDER, THEMIFY BUILDER, THRIVE ARCHITECT and so on, and since there are so many types of builder out there, I would recommend you choose only one, by experience multiple page builders, you might confuse at the end and unable to focus and master it. OK, since you are here, how about I offer you a FREE trial on Divi Builder? Check out below.

Price of one theme
I am choosing DIVI THEMES and one of the reason is that I only pay 1-time fees for a lifetime access & support, and I able to use it without any limit, I can deploy multiple websites and deploy for my client websites as well. Unlike any others, they might have a FREE version with limited features as well as a limit to 1 and only 1 website, for multiple site package is much more expensive and it had to pay yearly too.

Apart from DIVI THEMES, with the membership access, you can even use any other themes within Elegant Themes, they had 88 more themes for your choice and it is UNLIMITED usage.

elegant theme pricing

Continuous Support and Updates
Apart from the above mention benefit. Another advantage that I observe is DIVI THEMES is considered a top world top 5 WordPress page builder and it had constantly update. Unlike some nice themes which selling at ThemeForest and Template Monster, some developer is “come and go” basic, you unable to see any further update and upgrade after few years, no support for the themes and end up you might be facing a lot of problem on your WordPress site.

Lately, the new WordPress 5.0 that come with Gutenberg editor cause a lot of WordPress themes in the market screw up. As what I love Elegant Themes is they had constantly and continuous update, as above videos, you can see that Elegant Themes had to introduce the new DIVI builder to overcome the major upgrade on WordPress.

Useful In-house plugin
Apart from multiple themes for your choice, Elegant Themes also had few more wonderful plugin such as their core builder, DIVI BUILDER, which it can compatible with any other themes as well.

Bloom, an Email Opt-Ins plugin that very suitable not only for Internet marketers but every single business out there. This plugin is a needs when come to Email Marketing, without confusing explanation, let’s watch below short video shows how important a website need an email opt-in feature.

Monarch, a social media sharing plugin is very important nowadays in term of SEO and Search Engine likes those websites with high social engagement. If you don’t feel this is the truth, do a search SEO REPORT AUDIT on google, choose any of the free services and put your website it, the auditing report definitely had a section audit your website whether had integrated with social media. Spend a 2.5 minute time to understand how Monarch, the Social Sharing Plugin which can help your WordPress’s site

Pre-made Themes
On Divi Themes itself, it had more than 97 ready-made themes, ranging from Business, Community & Non-Profit, Education, Events, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Online Store, Services, Simple and Technology. With valid membership access, you had able to generate up to 100 API keys, and with this keys, you can easily pull the design into your website with few simple clicks. As a Digital Marketing Trainer, this is a very good tool for me to showcase how easily deploy a great and awesome design over WordPress during I teach Website Marketing.

If you looking for an opportunities to have a trial on DIVI BUILDER, I can share you the latest version. Just fill up your email below and the download link will send to your email.

Note that without the API key, one of the drawbacks is without able to upgrade when there is a new version release, also unable to pull out the pre-made themes easily with few clicks. You still able to deploy the awesome design by downloading the themes over Elegant Themes’ website, and deploy it manually.

If you found that Divi Themes, Divi Builder do benefit, I would recommend you join their membership, to get lifetime support, and version update. Checkout