Yesterday nite was Xmas Eve, I was joining my friend to sell spray at Gurney Drive, a lot of people there and as well competitor, as a conclusion, we did not earn much from there.

After 12am, we was tired and hungry, went for a light meal and back gurney to collect the empty tin. Just assume to get some extra income from the rubbish and also help government to clear rubbish, does you think I am a money freak good resident?

Who know when I on my way back, I meet police operation, I was thinking I bring IC, driving licence, my head lamp is on, and my road tax was not expired… Should be no problem. When my turn, the police ask me a site and told me… bla bla bla… and have a “SALAH“(wrong) word… Oh Shit… I don’t know law, I am just a normal blogger, how I know I really “SALAH” or not?

The police take out the “saman”(Police’s Bills) and prepare to write it. He show me the date to attend COURT… I already know what he want, and after several “chit chat”, no choice, I need to buy him XMAS present, since today is XMAS ma ๐Ÿ™‚ … damage was RM50, all small notes,

After this incident, I ask my self?

am a good resident hard to be?