Recently my Maxis boardband are damm slow, as my previous post: Maxis suck again
decide to make my self a DIY booster or enhancer for my modem, since i made so many post regarding to DIY wifi booster such as Poor Man WIFI and Wifi Signal Booster (DIY)

I get this idea from a website call, Then i decide to make my own Cantena, i called it as iCalvyn’s Cantena, here come my Cantena

How to made it? Simply Choose any empty Can, as picture below…

Cut off 2 hole and let it be accessible like picture below…

Then fine a plastic or hard card board, cut it as a circle share (refer picture)

Slot the card board into the Can and put it like below, this is to gold the Can or stable the Can with the Antena

Finally it done.

But… The result are no different, i still miss out some thing. Probably the antenna did not attach to the Can aluminum. I going to correct it some more, coming up next…stay tune

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