Normally an IT personnel get a 3.5″ hard drive, and would like to obtain the data in the hard drive, mostly will attach it to the CPU and set it as secondary hard drive.

Some how setting the jumper is take times, and if without much technical background, will unable to attach successful. Even with technical background, some hard drive did not have jumper setting diagram also cost the IT personnel a lot of time to try and error.


Few year back this kind of device already in my mind, but I did not actually seen before, and ask a lot of senior IT personnel, they know what I talking about, but never seen it before. Until my academic break, I found this kind of device at the company that I work as part time.

In this box, there are few item, such as IDE to USB cable, sata cable, power adapter, and power converter cable for sata hard drive

This hardware very useful for me, other then use it for normal troubleshooting. I also use it as my portable hard drive.

My 2 cent Portable Hard Drive normally are using laptop hard disk,with a external hard disk case and the size are small and easy to carry, pricing wise will be more expensive on the 2.5″ hard drive. There are another type of portable hard drive that I have make review before Seagate Free Agent Go

I am using this device to as my portable hard drive, a bit troublesome, but with the same amount of $$$ I able to get a bigger capacity of 3.5″ hard drive.

The price of this device is around MYR50, another type will be without sata, price around MYR40.