Not much happening on my IT Engineer life lately, it seem like a bit out of topic for my blog recently. Just some small update on my so call “IT Engineer’s life” here

toilet office

During last week end, I have travel down to Cyberjaya, attend “1st step up” seminar organize by Mdec, learn a lot thing which is out of our expectation. The speaker said “Idea is just worth 10 cent“, seriously, after the trial pitching session, I have presented my idea and business plan to the judges, and found that my idea is worth less than that!

Full critic from the judges without giving face to us in front of 30 plus candidate, but at the end of the session, the judges came to tell me don’t give up, I have the passionate toward what I want, and I am born to do it!

Even I have fail the trial pitching session, but I not felling down. In the other hand, I train my self to speak in front of 30+ people again! This time not much shaky already 😀 Other then this, I have make few new friend, Chian Ho, Jimmy and Bryant who come from Johor, and they have provide us a lot of help! Anyway, the best thing is the “process

The above photo is once of my process! During staying at the budget hotel which without a table and chair in the room, and rushing for the presentation slide on the next day! An Instant Office for me 😀 , putting the laptop on the basin, and taking the toilet bowl as my chair