Video Marketing is one of the trends nowadays. You require a very attractive video introduction to your self, a good video intro shows who you are at the beginning of the video, also to impress your audience. While a good outro will remind your audience to take a certain action, for example, a call to action at the end of the video, to subscribe your Youtube channel and etc.

So how to create a good video intro and outro to impress your audience?

By leveraging Video Marketing Strategies

I am using Viddyone to create my video intro and outro. Few examples as below


Intro and Outro Video – Visit

Below clip can be a video intro and outro, to getting my audience to visit my website, this can be at the beginning of the video as intro, also can be at the end of the video as outro.

Intro Video – Who Is Calvyn Lee?

This video intro can use to introduce to my audience who am I, the video clip can be at the beginning of the video a video intro before I start my video presentation.

Outro Video For Youtube – Like, Comment & Subscribe

This video clip suitable for my Youtube channel, sample video below shows a video outro to my audience, get them to Like, comment and subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Follow Me at Facebook –

This video outro to get my audience to follow me over, can be placed at the end of the video as outro, also a Call To Action for the audience to follow me over Facebook.

This is the last example I wish to share with you, is a short video which I add in the intro and the outro video at the beginning and the end of the video.

A good video Intro and outro will help me a lot on my video marketing. If you wish to find out more on the tools how I use to create such video intro and outro, check out ->, it is a paid software which comes with a lot of attractive templates, not only limited to intro and outro, it cost you $97 lifetime access.