Do you use tag in your blog post?As I saw a lot blogger like to use tag, and some putting fancy tag cloud on their side bar. So far I did not use much tags on my blog post, kinda confuse to differentiate what is tag and categories.

Categories Vs Tag
For example, categories is to separate each different topic, every topic we write, definitely will belong to one categories such as book, categories in financial, computer, gardening and so on. While tag, each topic, might have few tags, example a topic talking about computer, you may have few tags such as “software”, “graphic”, “business logo”, or “internet”, “paypal”, “make money online”

tag cloud

Introduce to WordPress Tag Cloud Plugin
If you looking to install a tag cloud in your blog, you might like this tag cloud wordpress plugin from, this widget is a Flash-based tag cloud design with using form of 3D drum. Easy to install, just require to upload the plugin into your plugin folder and activate it.  Once you activate, just put this code [empiritag-insert-code] at any where in your content which you wish the tag cloud to be appear.

The benefit of Tag Cloud
Some said it will get easy for Google spider to crawl your keyword with using Tag, some said your reader easy to find those topic with the related tags. In my opinion, the most valuable from this flash tag cloud plugin will bring you traffic. As show at, this website will serve as a search engine for internet user, once the user search a particular keyword, your website will be listed in the search query, it will bring traffic to your website.

When talking about traffic, blogger most like will be traffic, because traffic is equal to money. Try out this tag cloud plugin and observer whether your earning has increase or not.