Early this year, Reskills Global approached me to join their trainer’s group; after understanding with their person in charge, they are a learning platform which every day has 2 hours LIVE learning session (ONLIVE learning classes) in various topics.

During that moment, I did not involve and take part in their teaching program because of limited time and I have other higher priority to focus.

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Until mid of this year, I am taking part in their ONLIVE program. My 1st sharing session with them was happening on 14th July 2021. “Be The Top Rank In Google Searching” and 2nd sharing session was happening on 18th August 2021. “Easy Way To Create An Eye Catching Website

This 1st sharing session is about Keyword research, which includes various types of keyword research tools such as Google Trends, Google Autocomplete, Google Keyword Planner and one of the Freemium tools call Ubersuggest.

Reskills be the top rank in google searching

For 2nd sharing session is about using famous CMS, WordPress to create an eye-catching website. How easy we can create a simple website, either personal or business website using WordPress.

Reskills Easy Way To Create An Eye Catching Website

So What is ReSkills All About?

ReSkills Global (ReSkills Edtech Sdn Bhd) is an e-learning platform that provides 365 days of non-stop online learning classes, and also an unlimited learning content that is taught by various experience trainers and coaches.

Various professional and interesting topics will be available to learn at any time, and anywhere using Reskills application; Of course ReSkills.Global always emphasizes that with their e-learning platform, education no longer needs to be restricted by location and time.

The classes will be conducted in multiple languages, such as English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and others as they expand. ReSkills provide you a range of professional topic, where it deliver in both excellent quality and quantity of learning content for all learners.

Primary market segment that ReSkills focus now will be business entrepreneur, career enhancement, and also self-improvement.

Reskills Trainer July

Reskills’ Trainer

Furthermore, you’ll be wondering who are these trainers and coaches? Are they qualified to deliver good content for learner?

Don’t worry!

They handpicked all the trainers and coaches based on their qualification with at least five years’ experience in their industry, and so on.

On top of that, ReSkills also ensure that all their trainers fulfill their requirement in order to deliver the best learning experience for learners.

Besides that, ReSkills also provide learners an interactive learning environment, whereby learners can interact with trainers or even coaches to get an immediate solution if learners face any challenges or even question that they wish to ask the trainer and coaches.

Their e-learning platform is not just for students, but also for people from all work of life; ReSkills are here to enhance the quality of learning and teaching, meeting the learning trend of today, and most importantly ReSkills providing an opportunity for every individual for upskilling and re-skilling!

Reskills Trainer August

ReSkills invitation / Referral code: JG0JTK

So what are you waiting for?

Convert your free time into learning time. Whenever you’re free, whether you’re waiting for your friends in a cafe, sitting on a bus, or even waiting for a meeting, you can always learn from ReSkills App (Available in Android and IOS)

Wait no more, it is all about learning and it should not be stopped because learning is a never ending adventure.

By reading this, I wish to congratulations you have just unlocked a free one year ReSkills Premium subscription account. (click here to claim it) or use this Reskills invitation code: JG0JTK (Reskills referral code)

In this period, Reskills is also committed to grow together with us. They also pretty confident that you will have a precious experience, knowledge and learn some new skills from their e-learning platform.

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In my opinion,

Since Reskills is offering 1 year FREE premium access now, why not you grab this opportunity to learn new things?

Sign up a FREE premium account, allocate at least attend a few sessions per week, pick those topics you interest or perhaps topics that you never.

Note that from 1st August 2021 onward, ReSkills no longer accept sign up from their website, you will require a referral code or an invitation to grab the free premium account. If so, you may use my Reskills referral code: JG0JTK to join Reskills e-learning platform.

Get your FREE 1 year premium account here: www.Reskills.com