Back to my post last 2 week on IT Engineer with Factory Visit, this time I have another visit to a factory call SANYO, this time our task is to test fiber optic cable.

Before begin our journey, my colleague bring a beg of tools from store room, a bag name Fluke. According to my colleague, this bad worth RM30,000, mean approximate a Kancil (Cheapest Local Car) price

Wow, damm expensive, some more they told me a joke. Last time they have a collegue who assign a cable testing job at a factory and must carry this bag. He hold this bag very tight and scare people steal it. Haha~ really want my life if people steal it from my hand. Lucky i bring it safely back to company…

So what is inside this bag…

There are a main controller as the picture above, which has a LCD display to see the cable status. According to picture above, the orange cable is the fiber optic. We test the cable from the “Start Point”, lets say 3rd floor and the “End Point” and server room.

This both device is the fiber testing module, which one at start point and one at the ending point

This device other then testing fiver optic cable, it also use to test Utp cable or so called Cat-5 cable, refer: UTP Cable a.k.a Network Cable

The picture are the testing on UTP cable

While we arrive the factory, we need to declare what ever device we bring in, just fill up a form only, and we both take the Vendor Pass at the security check point.

This box we call it at LLU box, is the connection of fiber optic cable, my collegue plug out the fiber optic from here and plug it in our device. and i will be at another side to test it too.

This Box just like the box i photo it during my Ex-company fiber installation progress PenangFon (Fiber Optic)

This is my 1st experience on fiber cable testing, just cant imagine the device cost it RM30,000.