Back to my hospital visit at IT Engineer with Hospital Project. Few days ago my boss was asking me and another collegue went to a factory. I tought have some thing special to learn, but at the end, is going “kuli” work. (hard man job) Finally whole body pain after finish the job.

We went to a building which own by ASE, and part of the building was rent to a factory name Flextronic (around 4 level). According to the IT personnel there, Flextronic was going to downsize at penang, and the production was move to other place. So only 1 Level remaining.

Our Job that day is to move the Server Rack from 4th floor and 3rd floor to 1st floor.

The Factory was empty, only left the Server Rack, approximate 200Kg.

We need to take off all the cable attach with the switches in the server rack. see how messy is those cable. We only take off the cable out, and the switches and server still mount in the rack.

While moving the Server Rack, I pass thought some production area, just left few machine and all are clear.

There was an interesting part that day, 4th floor without Cargo lift, so me and my colleague need to move this bloody heavy server rack from 4th floor to 3rd floor thought the stair.

Guest how we both made it?