Last Week End, Saturday I have night shift again… 🙁 some more in hospital. Does hospital have Ghost? Nah~ no such thing, I hope to saw it too. I purposely looking at the CCTV monitor, hope to see some shadows, but…got! saw people only.. 🙂

Estimate work from 9pm to 3 am only, unfortunately, some hiccup delay until 8am next Sunday morning. Between this, we all work relaxing and also chit chat with the hospital IT personnel… On that night, I did not have opportunity to take any picture on our job process, damm sleepy that time…

Today, my boss asking me and my colleague to do some cable trace again there, and manage to took some picture.

patch panel      

2 picture above are the server rack, mounted with patch panel (left) and switches (Right) .

Today, just like a hospital tour, visiting most of the department in hospital including blood bank and also their medicine store. Yuck, the smell are ..yuck yuck… don’t know how the nurse and doctor can stand for that small.