Just a simple outing during Chinese New Year, at Kek Lok Si Temple nearby my house with my friend Johnathan, a photographer which own Canon 400D.

While we there, there are a lot of SLR member too, after we make a research, most of them are Canon user, and I only saw a girl use Fujifilm, so for no one take Nikon, I am the only one.

We visit few location, and each location we use about 20 min to shoot some picture, adjust the setting, and discuss the function we use. πŸ˜€ is quite fun to have a partner discuss with

Kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si

During this part, there are a big challenging, I have shoot few picture on the beginning, when see thought the view finder, the picture are nice, but while after snap and view in the LCD, the lamp are blur… we both have no idea why, we are using tripod, not carry by hand

After a while, we figure out whats the problem, due to the lamp are hanging there, the wind cause the lamp shack, so the picture we take are blur