As an IT Engineer, I use to label all the gadget, no matter is my own gadget, or my company gadget, or my client gadget, I will lable it.

My company have 2 set of lable printer, mostly we will print out the labels, and stick on the device, and send it to our customer. The information we print at the label include company name (owner of the device) , setting (Network SSID, IP address, configuration info)

I am just thinking to propose my boss print out our own company Labels, with company logo in the labels as marketing purposes.

It is very presentable if able to stick company labels, which contain company contact information at the device.

For future consideration, might bring more business to company while some one accidentally saw the labels at our client premise, and contact us if they need our service for the particular product / device.

This idea I get with my friend, all his stuff are label with his blog URL, even a CDs I borrow from him also contain his label at the CD’s cover and also the CD. This is a good idea for marketing, and also people might not forget who the owner of the CD. I might consider print my own labels “” at and stick the labels at all my gadget 🙂

How about your stuff, did you stick a label with your name?