Louiss Lim, is once or my friend in KL, i get know him in a special situation.

Our History
I still remember beginning of 2006, when i back to suffer my last semester and searching for room to rent, i meet this guy at a house which has room to rent. He arrive there 1st, follow by me. I just chat with him for 5 minute and get know him. That time i know he is a foundation student, my junior, he said he don’t have transport and he are looking for place to rent also. So i invite him to follow me to search together since i have motorbike. That day onward, i know him and we keep contact at the following time. May be this is call Fate.

On that time, we both don have any knowledge on blog, if not mistaken, we don even know what is blog. We always come out chit chat, yam cha, share idea. He is a business student, and have a lot of business idea to share with me. I am an IT student and i share what ever IT can use in business.

Hard work no wasted
He is a very hard work guy and non stop looking for what he want. that why today he is consider a half success blogger. When he start blogging, he have choose a good niche, a lot of people now a days are looking to blog, some blog for fun, some blog because want to make money online. According to him, he choose this topic because he want to know more on blogging, when he get know what he want, he will blog it and share with all his audience.

Page Rank 5 in few month effort
His blog now have PR5 and i can foresee soon will goes to PR6. if any once of you will like to know on Blogging Secret, feel free to visit his blog, he teach people make easy money online

As i mention before in my previous post : Start Blogging . Louiss now is earning 3 figure income, it is not MYR, it is USD. just a part time blogger who are still study able to earn 3 figure USD as part time income. who know soon will earn 4 figure. All his school fees are come from just a singe “bloggingsecret.blogspot.com“.

That true, he is using Option1: Free Domain, Free Service (All Free). Not even paid a single cent.