I always wish my self have a Macintosh machine, the graphic are nice and special. Macintosh mostly use by graphic designer, the result of the design are awesome. Due to the popularity of Windows, software are once of the concern for Macintosh user, there are not easy to find Macintosh software.

Good news for Macintosh user, recently i found MacGamesAndMore.com which is a website that provide weekly news of Macintosh software and hardware, other then this, it also can download Mac Games, and also Mac a lot of Software. The most popularity Mac Games among Macintosh crowns are mac solitaire, this Solitaire name “Smack Solitaire” is a collection of 30 different types of Solitaire games. This is a great game for all the Macintosh’s gamer.

On the other hand, at the Mac software, you can also find some review of software at MacGamesAndMore.com. This website, all the software and game not neccessary need to paid, you also can find free mac games and Mac Software in this website, so if you have a Mac machine, just find some usefull software at MacGamesAndMore.com.