Windows Registry is configuration data for Microsoft Windows operating system. This registry record is created to hold important information for our computer. If you are not familiar with how an operating system works, you probably won’t realize about these data. But, you will definitely experience or feel the impact of it before, especially when it goes wrong.

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After a period of time, when you start feeling your pc getting slower, always getting errors like DLL issue, Windows explorer error, Windows installer issues, Internet Explorer errors, System32 errors, Runtime errors, Svchost errors or even more serious is, your monitor screen turn into blue color. This is the moment where the system is telling you, you need to clean your computer registry.

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Make Computer Faster
Cleaning computer registry will help to speed up your computer. When you clean the computer registry, you will remove configuration data from Windows Registry that is no longer in use or unnecessary to the system. Besides, you will also clean all junk files and free up you computer hard disk.

Must Aware
However, if you are not familiar with computer software stuff, please do not make an attempt to clean it by yourself. Simply cleaning the computer registry may damage the useful registry file and causing loss of functionality and system instability. As a result, not only that you cannot speed up your computer, you are actually destroying the systems that run in your computer.

This you need!
So, I would like to introduce a useful tool that helps you to clean your computer registry safely and securely. This application is called WindoFix.

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WindoFix is an application that will help to clean your computer registry. Meanwhile, it also helps you to fix the error registry file at the same time. The user interface is very simple. All you need to do is just a simply click on the button ‘Start Scan’ or ‘Repair All’, etc.

Have problem? No worry, it can restore back
After cleaning the registry and if you still found some system instability, you can simply click a button to recover all the changes. WindoFix is capable of restoring all your Windows Registry to previous state.

Last but not least, I strongly recommended that each of you to install WindoFix. It is a very powerful utilities application that will help to speed up your computer in a safety and faster way.

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You can get a FREE SCAN with WindoFix first, I have try my own scan, and terrible! see how much I have

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It is just begining, the result was 1200++ error for my PC. I really need to clear all this registry ASAP. No wonder my Computer so slow.

If you wish to have a try, you can visit <<WindoFix >> website. Get a free scan there.

There are other type of Registry Clearner too: