Recently news mention that Malaysia is going to setup one F1 team to participate the World F1 Championships. Sound like great! but do you agree with what our country decide? Government invest this kind of money to build the 1 Malaysia F1 team will worth? or is a waste?

malaysia f1

What your opinion on Malaysia F1 team? How can Malaysia F1 compete to Ferrari F1?

I don’t have much opinion on F1, as I know, it is very famous among other country! and the most famous F1 team will be Ferrari F1. No doubt, Malaysia do have a good racing track at sepang circuit. Practicing for the F1 racer is not a problem, but what kind of engine our country can use to build for F1 car? According to the news, they will use Lotus Engine, build a Lotus-powered racing F1 team to join the F1 championships

I have do a series of collection on Ferrari car model lately, most I collect 2 or 3 per model

ferrari car models 2008
Collection of Ferrari car models for Year 2008, this series does not have any ferrari F1 model

ferrari car models 2009
Collection of Ferrari car models for Year 2009, include Ferrari F1 model too.

I guess, sure a lot Malaysian will be “fever” on F1 since Malaysia do have our own F1 racing team! Probably I should buy more ferrari F1 models and keep. Sell it when people get “fever”