I always search for alternative way to explore my website to the world. To increase my website traffic, and popularity. Normally after I make a new blog post, I will submit my website to social bookmarking website such as digg.com, propeller.com and stumbleupon.com. Few benefit from social bookmarking is,

1) Increase Traffic
If my article are interesting, and get vote from a lot of member/user at social bookmarking website, the article possible to appear at the 1st few page on social bookmarking website, my traffic will keep increase.

2) More easy appear in Search Engine
In my previous article regarding computer magazine, I submit to few social bookmarking website. On the next day, I try to search “Computer Magazine for November” I found my article at folkd.com, digg.com, yahoo buzz, digg.com.my appear on the 1st page at Google. Meaning that if some one search “Computer Magazine for November” in google, indirectly will found my website via those social bookmarking website.

3) Get Back Link, Increase Page Rank(PR)
All Social Bookmarking website provide back link, but a lot of people did not understand what type of back link relationship (rel) they obtain from those website. “Do Follow” or “No Follow“, and only Do Follow back link get benefit on increase PR

4) Any more? …

80% of my website traffic are from United State, and about 10% or less from Malaysia, to increase traffic from Malaysia, I have compile a Malaysia Social Bookmarking list.

Malaysia Social Bookmarking Website

Layann, Malaysia’s Digg.com

Page Rank: 3

Alexa: 692,545

Link Relationship: Do Follow

URL: http://www.Digg.com.my

Rock Your Vote

Page Rank: 3

Alexa: 1,103,985

Link Relationship: Do Follow

URL: http://www.RockYourVote.net


Page Rank: 3

Alexa: 403,932

Link Relationship: Redirect

URL: http://www.negaraku.net

Malaysia Story – Published News

Page Rank: 5

Alexa: 252,439

Link Relationship: No follow

Benefit: 50% Google Adsense Sharing

URL: http://MalaysiaStory.com

JomPop – Discover, Share, Chat

Page Rank: 0

Alexa: 2,774,369

Link Relationship: Do Follow

URL: http://www.JomPop.com

Project Petaling Street

Page Rank: 4

Alexa: 190,094

Link Relationship: No Follow

URL: http://www.PetalingStreet.org

PingLog – Ping Your Blog & Get Voted

Page Rank: 2

Alexa: 417,141

Link Relationship: Redirect

URL: http://www.PingLog.com/

So far all this are Malaysia Social Bookmarking Website that I have collect, if anyone know any Malaysia Social Bookmarking Website, please drop me a comment here, I will update my Malaysia Social Bookmarking list above.

Updated: Some extra Malaysia Social Bookmarking website:

Vote.my – submit and get vote

Page Rank: 0

Alexa: 1,925,461

Link Relationship: Redirect

URL: www.Vote.my

Fark.my – Published Story

Page Rank: 1

Alexa: 484,929

Link Relationship: Redirect

URL: www.Fark.my

Updated Nov 2018: Basically all social bookmarking website in Malaysia had died. None of them had survived until today. Probably business directory in Malaysia still available. I am trying to compile a list soon, meanwhile, you might check out Business Card Directory in Malaysia