Yesterday sunday, just another boring week end,i went to meet a friend who study at UTAR,came back from KL for holiday. She is my X-…. X-Housemate la.


Between our conversation, she told me some news she heard from radio, is some thing like “pay half price to visit singapore”. This deal is just for Malaysian. This was a great deal, after back to home, i try to googling on this news. It is true, Malaysia can pay half price to visit certian place in singapore. Malaysian can choose either pay half price in Singapore Dollar or just pay the amount stated there with Ringgit Malaysia, example if the entrance fees is SGD8, Malaysian just need to pay RM8.

Which method worth? Pay in SGD or MYR?
Current conversion rate are 1.00SGD=MYR2.24371, Example if the entrance fees are SGD1, u can either…

  1. Pay 0.50SGD (MYR1.1218) or
  2. MYR1.00

Haha, that mean pay MYR are more worth, you can save MYR 0.1218 lo~ , althought this is small amount, but when come to big amount, it can save alot also…

The promotion valid from 25 May 07 to 30 June 07

From 25 May 07 to 30 June 07, Malaysians can look forward to a whopping 50% discount on admission fees to Singapore’s latest attractions like DHL Balloon, DUCKtours and the upgraded Singapore Zoo. Included are also popular attractions such as Sentosa, Cable Car and the Jurong BirdPark as well as the award winning Chinatown Heritage Centre.

Malaysians only need to produce their passports and valid embarkation cards for verification at participating attractions to pay for their entry tickets in Malaysian Ringgit (exact amount) or Singapore Dollar (a 50% discount off published rates will be given on the spot).

During this promotional period, Malaysians can also enjoy the free shuttle service from Johor Bahru to Singapore and attractive airfare deals from Singapore Airlines and Silkair. More information can

Some Term and condition apply, to qualify for offers, Malaysians have to produce their Malaysian passport and valid embarkation cards for verification at the attractions’ ticketing counter. below are the location and pricing obtain from the website

No Participating Outlets Retail Price Promo Price Description
1 Singapore River Cruise S$12 Adults
S$6 Children
RM12 Adults
RM6 Children
30 minutes cruise along Singapore River
Boarding Point : Raffles Landing Site
Open daily from 9am – 11p.m.
2 Day Open Top HiPPOtours S$23 Adults
S$13 Children
RM23 Adults
S$13 Children
1 day unlimited access to HiPPO system (3 routes – City, Heritage, Sentosa) in the day From 9 am to 6.30 pm only
Not inclusive of Night tour.
25 min freq.
32 hop on/off stops.
Can start at any designated HiPPO stops near hotel.
3 Moonlight HiPPO Adventure S$23 Adults
S$13 Children
RM23 Adults
RM13 Children
3.5 hrs guided night tour.
From 6 pm to 9.30 pm. Every nightSuntec>Sentosa (musical fountain)>Bugis>Chinatown>Orchard>Suntec
4 Red Lantern HiPPOtours S$23 Adults
S$13 Children
RM23 Adults
RM13 Children
3.5 hrs guided night tour.
From 6 pm to 9.30 pm. Every Tue/Thu/SatSuntec>Heartland Marine Parade> Geylang> Little India> Orchard>Suntec.
5 DHL Balloon Tour S$23 Adults
S$13 Children
S$2 Toddler
RM23 Adults
RM13 Children
RM2 Toddler
10 mins flight.
From 11 am to 9.30 pm.
6 The Original DUCKtours S$33 Adults
S$17 Children
S$2 Toddler
RM33 Adults
RM2 Toddler
1 hr amphibious tour.
Hourly departure from Suntec
From 10 am to 6 pm.
7 Singapore Zoo S$15 Adult
S$7.50 Child
RM15 Adult
RM7.50 Children
Set in a rainforest environment, Singapore Zoo’s world famous “Open Concept” offers visitors an opportunity to be inspired by the wonders of nature. It is home to 2,530 animals representing 315 species of mammals, birds and reptiles.Having won the “Best Leisure Attraction Experience” in the 20th Singapore Tourism Awards 2006, Singapore Zoo continues to attract visitors with an “edu-taining” experience. Some of its latest exhibits include the Australian Outback, free ranging orang-utans, Rainforest Walk as well as the Wildlife Healthcare & Research Centre.
8 Jurong BirdPark S$16 Adult
S$8 Children
(3-12 yrs old)
RM16 Adult
RM8 Children
The Jurong BirdPark is the finest bird park in the world. Be entertained by the must-see daily bird shows; twice in the mornings and twice in the afternoons. Take the air-conditioned monorail that will give you a panoramic view of the BirdPark in cool comfort.Alight at the Lory Loft to feed a thousand lories and at the Waterfall Aviary to see the world’s tallest man-made waterfall. Feast on jumbo-sized burgers and a selection of cool refreshing drinks. Bring home some original BirdPark souvenirs.
9 Sentosa Pay-In-Ringgit Package S$56 Adults
S$56 Children
RM56 Adults
RM56 Children
Sentosa Pay-In-Ringgit Package includes:
a)\tImages of Singapore
b)\tFort Siloso
c)\tSky Tower
d)\tThe Merlion
e)\t6R Digital Photo at The Merlion
f)\tSky Cooler at Sky BarPoint of Sales: Sentosa Station @ Vivo, Images of Singapore, Sky Tower, Merlion Tower, Fort SilosoIsland admission (S$2) & transport (S$1 for Sentosa Express/bus & S$2 for vehicle admission) charges are payable separately.
a) Images of Singapore Travel back in time to the bygone era of Singapore where you’ll meet some of the key personalities who helped shape Singapore’s past and define her future. You’ll also have the chance to explore Singapore’s best-loved traditions and festivities, and get a taste of our rich cultural diversity. After your visit, remember to try the wide range of local dishes like Nonya Laksa, Mee Rebus and more at the Tastes of Singapore restaurant.
b) Fort Siloso Singapore’s only preserved coastal fort stands as an important window to our colonial past and a poignant reminder of the war years. It has the largest collection of World War II memorabilia with life-sized replicas, interactive exhibits and even authentic aromas are lovingly recreated. Visitors can browse through more than 245 photographs, documents and film clips on display. When ‘classes’ are over, head out into the sunshine and examine actual 17th century guns and cannons, or explore the old tunnels.
c) Sky Tower Singapore’s tallest observatory tower offers panoramic views at 131 meters above sea level across Singapore, Sentosa, Southern Islands, right up to neighboring Malaysia and the Indonesian islands. Located adjacent to the Sentosa cable car station, the Sky Tower is a key point of interest and forms a distinctive landmark as it soars above the surrounding natural greenery.
d) The Merlion Standing at 37 meters high, this half-lion, half-fish creature brings you to the depth of the sea as you walk side-by-side with legendary sea dragons and mythical mermaids. Relive the origins of The Merlion in an enchanting animation feature and discover what fortune lies in store for you at the mouth of the Mercubs.
e) Sky Cooler at Sky Bar Sentosa’s very own mocktail
f) 6R Digital Photo at The Merlion Capture your favorite moments at Singapore’s biggest attractions at Imbiah Lookout on digital now.
10 Cable Car (1-Way Trip)
S$9.90 Adults S$4.50 Children(Return Trip)
S$10.90 Adults
S$5.50 Children*Application for Normal Cable Car Cabins Only
(1-Way Trip)
RM9.90 Adults RM4.50 Children(Return Trip)
RM10.90 Adults
RM5.50 Children*Application for Normal Cable Car Cabins Only
Feel your emotions build up the moment you step in the cable car. The thrill of anticipation as your cabin leaves the station. The exhilaration as you glance at the world below. The wonder as you stare, mesmerized by the breathtaking view before you. A ride on the cable car promises all that and more….
11 Chinatown Heritage Centre S$8.80 Adults
S$5.30 Children
RM8.80 Adults
RM5.30 Children
Journey a time of coolies and immigrants who risked their lives in search of a better life in Singapore. Discover the trials and tribulations of our early settlers and relive the love, life and passion of early Chinatown.

Realy wanna have special thank for my friend Ms.Nah(KY) for this good news. Any one who plan to visit S’pore are a good time for your vacation. So, Happy vacation ya!~~