Do you encounter bad customer service at your service provider? such as bank, restaurant, telco, hotel, bla bla bla…

Again and again, this Maxis again make me hot temper to them~ *~Ahrrrr~*

2 month ago when i receive my Maxis Boardband bill, usually is RM68.00 without other charges, but that particular month, it charges me RM69.52, and I have call their service center 1800 82 2000 for complaint.

The help desk said will pass this case to their billing dept, and will call back shortly…. The so called “”””shortly”””” took me 2 month and no news at all~

This is the bill I receive 2 month ago, previous balance is all nice. But the monthly charges suddenly increase to RM69.52. And see the “other charges” and the “discount and rebate“. Every month also have different figure, I don’t know how their IT department work~….. TIPU MAKAN tau MAKAN ULAR (no skill or lazy)

When I receive my latest bill this month (below), It stated that RM68.00 but balance forward RM1.52, total is RM69.52 (Previously month I just paid RM68.00 and purposely owe them RM1.52)

And I cant stand any more and call them today, a guy name Mr.J answer my call

Me: I having this problem….last month i call before….no reply…. pls check for me…

Mr.J: Hold on for a second, I check for you… *~wait 5 min to hear the LOVELY song~*

Mr.J: Sorry for keep you waiting, yes, your charges is RM69.52, this is the amount you need to pay.

Me: I think you not understand me… *~explain again~*

Mr.J: Yes, this is the charges…*~explain how they charges, split one by one told me..bla bla bla~*

Me: I don care how you charges, I only know that Maxis suppose to charge me RM68.00, that all for every month.

Mr.J: Pls hold on, let me double confirm *~LOVE song again, 5 min wait~*

HERE come the ridiculous part

Mr.J: Sorry for keep you waiting, do you make complaint that your service have problem recently?

Me: Yes, I do, I forgot when, just recently…

Mr.J: Yes, this is the rebate for your service interruption, you need to pay RM1.52 for this month only

Me: *~What the heck you are talking about… PAID RM1.52 must well no need to pay~ I ask my reader each person throw you 1 cent also cover the RM1.52~* Are you sure, but my latest bill not stated RM1.52, is RM69.52 leh~

Mr.J: Sorry for that, let me check again *~ Hear the LOVELY song again for 5 min~*

Mr.J: Sorry, I will pass this case to the related dept and they will contact you shortly.

Me: Ya, sure, Please~ and thank you very much.

Is this call help desk? Why help desk without knowledge one???~ Why we paid Maxis so much and they do have this lousy service.

I need to send email to their HR dept and ask them do they know how to use the HRDF (HR development’s fund), why did not give their employees training.

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