When people asking me how i will comment on Maxis. Only 1 comment I can give…”Maxis Suck

1st Suck – Very slow process
I have sign up the Maxis Broadband on 4th FEB 2007, but the Maxis come to install for me on nearly middle of march. it delay 1 month plus.

2nd Suck – Stupid system, no updated
When i receive 1st bill. it stated i have start the service at 7th FEB 2007 (few days after the date i apply), there make no sense to me. immediate i call to maxis to ask, the operator said waive the RM68 for that month, just need to pay RM100 for the activation fees.

3rd Suck – Lausy service
15th APR 2007,Last Sunday, i not able to connect the internet, so to Monday and Tuesday, i though is bloody service interrupt again. because on end of march, whole week have interruption, some time cannot connect, some time can, but connection is GPRS only, and always disconnect, average 5 minute 1 time. i call to axis, they told me i stay at 5th floor, signal not good, but previously week was good, signal is HSPDA always, the bandwidth is around 300 to 400kbps for download.

4th Suck – Simply bared my service
17th APR 2007, Tuesday, only i receive my 2nd bill, 18th APR 2007, Wednesday, I started to call the Maxis help desk, they said  i did paid my bill and bared my line, after pay the bill, maximum wait 24 hour will able to use.
what the hell of Maxis doing? i am owing RM168 only, some more are separated bill, 2nd bill just receive( 1st bill is activation fees RM100, 2nd bill is 1st month bill RM68)

5th Suck – Different word, just now said after 24 hour, now said 2 hour
Immediately I go to pay the bill 8pm (wed 18th APR), the service center girl told me after 2 hour will able to use. I keep on trying, still cannot connect after 2, 3 hour, even next morning also same. Until the next day after i back from company, i try, still cannot, already 24 hour.

6th Suck -Useless help desk
I have use the phone come with the maxis broadband to call 123 (Toll free help line) the help desk unable to answer my question, ask me to call 1800 88 2000, but i didn’t dot it, i have call again 123, another operator answer me, the operator have checked my bill, the bill was settle, but she unable to verify my problem, ask me to call 1800 82 2000. What the hell is the maxis help line. Other tel co just need to call 1 number, they able to solve all the question, even they don’t know how to answer, they also will ask to wait for few minute to find out the answer or call me back shortly

7th Suck – RUDE help desk
20th APR Friday morning, i call maxis 1800 82 2000, the operator check my status, all was ok. I did not bring along my modem to company, so i wait until back home, at the end still the same. My temple are very hot, i hv to call the center to F*** them. After complaint the service, the help desk girl unable to solve my problem, said will call me back shortly, immediate close my phone, i not yet ask her name also. What a rude service…at the end did not get any call from Maxis. Really suck, let me wait the whole night.

8th Suck – Low Quality Modem
When the 1st day i install this service, once on the modem, after 1 or 2 min will automatic connect, bit after few day, i not able to get connect. i have to browse in the modem to manually connect the service. How i going to do if i don’t have experience in Networking? or i am a total 0% IT knowledge?

I realize my modem setting are all gone, when i call the help desk today morning 21th APR 2007, they ask me to check the LED light in front of modem, all are normal, I has spoken to the help desk that the APN configure was no data, but they said my modem was no problem if the RSSI ‘s LED is light on.

After half hour, the Help Desk has call back, ask me to reset the modem, restart my PC, they said they has reset my account location. At the end still the same problem, i call back and mention on the APN Configure, instead want the setting from them, after they give me, every thing was done. After i when home, the setting has gone again, i has to key in again and then it can connect. What the hell are the modem quality

Almost 1 week i hv no internet use, are they going to deduct 1 week for me in my bill? what i can say is MAXIS SUCK