Back to my complaint long long time ago on :Maxis lousy service, recently i found that Maxis Boardband for my location are terrible! The speed are damm slow! Last time when i ping my domain, i get the respond 23 to 25ms, and recently i found that the respond is 100 to 150ms…

Few days back, i receive a call from a friend at KL, she is my Uni Classmate, she know that i am using Maxis from my blog, and she call me for assist. She told me that she subscribe to Maxis and the technician come to fix at afternoon, and did not fix properly for them. They found unable to connect it. After some basic trouble shoot. The modem mention that no SIM card, probably is the card did not activate yet, and i advice her to call toll free 1800 88 2000, she told me that nearby her house have a Maxis center, and i told her is useless to ask there, because my experience on Maxis center are suxxx

  • No knowledge
  • No manner
  • Rude
  • Very action
  • bla bla…. sure ask you to call help line ask question

So at the end, she call me again, said that my word are true , she unable to get any solution from there and at the end still need to call help desk.

Back to my case, i can’t stand any more on the low connection speed, so i send out an email to to mention on my dissatisfaction, and finally receive their call. Few question was asked and they told me will revert to me shortly… See how? sure slow respond one…

I really hope Maxis will improve their service in future!!!