“May Day!… May Day!… Aeroplane going to crash”

1st of May
Today is 1st of May, Malaysian Labour days… Oops, labour day is it standard for the whole world? Yup it is… not only my country, most countries celebrate Labour Day on May 1, known as May Day.

Today, most of the people having a holiday, except those working at the service line, some of my colleges are working today because the hotel is still doing business even it is a public holiday, but the advantage working today is getting triple pay. Wow… “3X$”

Wesak Day
Tomorrow we are also a holiday, is a replacement on Wesak day, because today are Wesak day too. want to know more on Wesak can find Wikipedia. below is some brief introduction on Wesak day :

Wesak Day is the most important festivals of the Buddhists in Malaysia and fall in the month of May. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha because according to Buddhists, all the three events took place on the same lunar date. The celebration for the Wesak day begins much before the dawn when the Buddhists gather in Buddhist temples for worship all over Malaysia. The celebration is done with prayers, chants, offerings and giving alms. The Buddhist eat a vegetarian diet prior to the festival in order to cleanse and purify themselves. Doves and tortoises are released on the Wesak Day as a symbolic gesture of releasing the soul and giving up the past sins. Free meals are also given to the needy on the Wesak Day.

This is the flag for Wesak day

Blue: Compassion
Yellow: The Middle Path
Red : Blessings
White: Purity
Orange: Wisdom

Here is some basic study on Buddhist if you would like to learn on Buddhist