Microsoft Channel Partner Conference 2007
This morning, I have to early wake up half an hour, rushing to E&O hotel, for Microsoft event… As usual, Microsoft always organize the event at E&O hotel, a lot of people are bored at there already…but for me, still fresh, this is the 1st time I formally attend.

Why formally? previously I did not really attend, my “coward boss” at X-company did not approve~ He worries no IT personnel standby at the hotel, bullshit la~ E&O hotel is just walking distance only. So that time I just “steal out” to attend short while~ manage to get 2 free T-shirt.

While registering my self, I manage to get 2 Windows Server 2008, Beta only 🙁 and some note

Ok, come to today agenda, morning session, I learn on 2 topics on Windows Server 2003, about Email Exchange Server and SharePoint Service 3.0. Before started, there are light breakfast, coffee, tea, bread, and tart, still acceptable

When coming to lunch session, damm…Sux Stingy.. just some very simply buffet at the corridor, some more exposed to sunlight, damm hot~ according to pass event attendees, the previous event was at the hotel restaurant.

Afternoon Session, I learn on Windows Vista OEM Pre-installation with Office 2007… this session is interesting to me, I totally new with this~ I am requesting the Manual from Microsoft, hope to get the email soon. Anyone, if interested in this, may email me, I will send to you all while receiving from Microsoft.

While 3.30PM tea break… It is really “TEA” break, only coffee and Tea, usually will had light refreshments such as a snack or fried noodle.

End of this event, when pass up the evaluation form… Huh~ like that only? no free gift? The previous event still has Microsoft T-shirt, I still keep that T-shirt, going to wear it tomorrow after wash…

(Image Missing)

In the evaluation form that I pass up, I rate everything 8 or 9mark, only 1mark for the F&B