Calling all techie! … do you feel loss with your current tech knowledge? need to acquire more information on the current latest technologies?

Microsoft Tech-ed 2008

This is another good event for us as an techie, to update our self and gain the latest technical information from Microsoft Tech-Ed South East Asia conference. This event will be held on 11-14th August , at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)

During this 4 days, over 2000 techie from different country will be gather there to learn:

  • Architecture
  • Database Platform
  • Developer Tools, Languages and Frameworks
  • Office & Sharepoint
  • Management
  • Security
  • SOA and Business Processes
  • S+S
  • Web and User Experience
  • Windows Client
  • Windows Mobile and Embedded
  • Windows Server Infrastructure
  • Unified Communications

With this opportunity, you can meet over 100 over speaker, all are technology expert, and half of them are technology expert from Microsoft, they will come to share their knowledge with us, and also you may ask question from them.

You are provided to have Hands-on experience with the latest products from Microsoft, test drive recently released products like Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008.

Who should attend:

who should attend

If you hold one of the position above, you should consider to attend Microsoft Tech-Ed. I guest they should list out “Technology Blogger” too in the above list.

Good News is, early bird register may save about RM600 ($192), usually the price for Microsoft Tech-Ed are RM1299 ($419), now you just need to paid RM699 ($227) before 30 April 2008 to enjoy the early bird price. Register now!

If you need more information, you could visit Microsoft Tech-Ed 2008 Official website for more information.

In my opinion, probably you could propose this event to your boss, and request company to subsidize, because employee is employer asset 🙂

Bloggers! Another good news too. For this event, there are a BLOG and WIN contest, any one who blog about this event may stand a chance win monthly prize. Another good new again, 1st 100 bloggers who blog about this event may get a free “Microsoft Tech-Ed” T-shirt, I get this news on monday 21st APR, should be still in 100… lol 😀

Here the T-shirt,which only show in the email, not in their website. More info, here

Tech-Ed T-shirt