Worry loss traffic from Search Engine after change the permalink structure?

Here my experience and solution…
Since I start to blog iCalvyn.com, my blogging platform (WordPress) are install in http://blog.iCalvyn.com which is a subdomain. Any one who access www.iCalvyn.com will be redirect to http://blog.iCalvyn.com (subdomain)

After few month hardwork on traffic marketing and link building, google have rank me PR3, this both domain iCalvyn.com and blog.iCalvyn.com. Half year later, when google make another rank, my main URL www.iCalvyn.com maintain PR3 while my subdomain http://blog.iCalvyn.com become PR0… what a sad story…

I keep on asking google reconsider ranking my website, and few month back google just give me a PR2 for my subdomain, main URL still maintain PR3. I still not happy on this, I deserve to get higher PR.

For this case, I was planning to migrate my blog from the sub domain to the main URL, but I worry on the traffic from search engine(SE) will be loss. Example traffic from SE access http://blog.icalvyn.com/hello-world will be no longer exist after I change.

Permalink Moved Permanently

With using “Permalink moved permanently” plugin from Microkid, will solve your problem while you change permalink structure.

Example (1) for your current permalink

Example (2) for your after change permalink


You won’t loss the traffic which access Example (1) URL after installing this plugin. People who access your old URL (from forum or other people who link your article) will redirect to your after change URL at Example (2)

Back to my case…

I am not actually change my permalink, is only domain structure, I am also not sure would this plugin helps or not. The reason make me take action is because I realize that my main URL now was PR4.

After few hour troubleshoots, I realize that I still need to maintain my own blog at subdomain, if the blog does not exist, the link can’t works, still need to check with microkid.

Any way, I have success migrate my blog from subdomain to the main URL. Huray~ 🙂