I suppose not to promote MIRC here, due to I have a bit un satisfy with them.

Come, Ask your friend come to join us~

Always heard this word from them, when they want more people to attend their TECH NITE that organize on every 3rd Week, friday night of the month. But now, a lot of people get know MIRC and they are collect member fees of RM100 from us start from next year!

Does old member deserve to have better price?

Okie, start my topic here, yesterday I was attend once of their ICT week event, MIRC e-Marketing Conference 2007

The seminar does not bring much infor for me, since I already have basic knowledge on those topic already, there are only few interesting thing I get from there…

  • Google Adword are giving free 30days trail
  • Ebay give out on phone support on how to startup EBAY account (Ebay support will called you)

Let me study on the infor 1st and will post it out soon on this 2 valuable infor.

Oh ya~ Exabytes are also there for promotion, I just fill in a survey form and they provide a button badge. They said they will spot 3 winner a day… and Guess what?

I am once of the winner… hooray~ You may check on their blog for more information and also the winner on that day

This is the prize I get, a USB vacuum cleaner,this device very suitable for me as an IT Engineer, some time I need it while doing my PC maintenanhce

Ops… Why no key board~ IT Engineer ma~ No need key board also can type one~ 😀 😀 😀 Kidding la~

No choice la… This is Poor IT Engineer, Lappy no Key board one, have to use external Key Board