1st time I heard about Mobile Wifi from Digi Internet, according to the website, this is the 1st in Malaysia to have this kind of Mobile Wifi devices, I believe the rest of the telco will bring in this device soon within few month time. This device model name HuaWei E5

mifi modem

What is Mobile Wifi (Mifi)?
For this Mobile Wi-Fi, in short, it is call Mi-Fi. It is a mobile wifi router which not require physically attach to the laptop like our conventional USB modem.

The disadvantage of the USB modem
Usually when we use USB modem, the modem only available for 1 particular laptop, others user can’t use the services. Other then this, a lot people might carelessly broke the modem as well.

The Advantage of Mobile Wifi
while Mi-fi Mobile Wifi router, it can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Imagine if you subscribe Internet package, and your have few more family member would like to use the Internet services as well, few devices can connect include your mobile PDA phone, PSP, iPad, iPod Touch, and other wifi enable devices.

Disadvantage of the Mobile Wifi
Not much information I can obtain from the DIGI website, also unable to get much information from the help desk. Few issue that I was concerning for this devices is the battery charging method.

I believe this device is charge by using USB, which mean your computer require to leave it on while charging, else you require to find some USB hub with power sources. Other then this, the battery life time stated in the website was 4 to 5 hour… as time goes by, the battery will cause you a problem, whether is the battery is changeable?

For security issue, the information shown at the website is not technical enough, it only mention the Huawei E5 Mobile wifi router similar with other wifi router with encryption, but never mention the security encryption type such as WEP, WPA or WPA2.

Last query in my mind was what is the standard for this Huawei E5 mobile wifi device? is 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n?