Today was Chinese Lunar August 15th, Chinese are celebrating Moon Cake festival or so called Mid-Autumn Festival, and I have receive a lot of SMS on greeting since early on August(Chinese lunar).

This evening I just discuss with my colleague, whether today bring any special meaning for couple or not… em, probably any romance type Chinese valentine meaning ( such as 520, 我愛妳, May 20th)…so that we can take this opportunity to do some meaningful thing to our special one…

Nope, this is just a Chinese family re-union day… Bored~ 🙁

This day going to pass, still have 1 hour plus to go, and I receive a special e-greeting form a special friend at MSN.

I am happy to receive this e-greeting, Thank ya~ so far there was no one send me e-greeting. she cheer my mode tonite.
So, same to my reader here, i would like to send you all one too.. 🙂