Most of us using Msn Messenger, what version are you prefer? I prefer Live Messenger

Well, I encounter this problem for quite some time, always disconnect while sign in MSN. and some of my friend asking me “Calvyn, what are you doing, in and out… trying to promote your self?”

Recently once of my buddy, Dave Corner who having a solution to prevent this happen. I have try it, it really helps.

If you are having problems with your msn, where you tried repairing and everything is working fine but you still cannot sign in because they say service is not available or prompt you an error code 80004007. Then, it’s means that part of your Messenger client cache may be corrupted.

To attempt to fix, close down Messenger if it’s running, click Start, then Run, and type the following:


and click OK.

If nothing appears in the folder, click the Tools menu, then Options, then View tab, click ‘Show hidden files or folders’ and click OK. Once you are able to see the folders, right-click the one that corresponds to your Passport and choose Delete.

Next, click Start, then Run, and type the following:

%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts

Then remove the corresponding folder again in this folder.
Then restart Messenger and try signing in again.

Reminded if you are worry on your data, please do a backup on the file before you delete. This is an ADVICE from IT Engineer.