During 2009, I manage to visit the Muka head light tower, some said Muka Head light house which I heard long time ago. My father use to told me about this place, but so far don’t have chance to visit until last year.

The path to muka head is same opening path with Pantai Kerachut, as you can see, Pantai kerachut and Tekuk Kampi is on the left, while Sg.Tukun, Titian Kanopi, Teluk Aling, Teluk Duyung, and Rumah Api Muka Head (Light House)

On the journey to muka head, we pass by Teluk Aling, which is some USM (University Sains Malaysia)’s research center, and we stop by to have some photo shooting.

This is the trip organizer, NC Lee, he always like to do some funny thing and make we all laugh!

Behind NC Lee is Mei Mei! See, NC make her laugh already!

And this is Hooi Hooi, Olympus holder!

And this is Hooi Hooi’s pet

Ops… again some monkey jump! I wonder why people like to do this! seem like very…

We stop at by Monkey Beach (Teluk Duyung) a while, we have some meal, bee hoon, and nasi lemak, and some snake. After rest, we on the way to the Light Tower… It take some distance there, and this short distance really take a lot of our energy… May be we stop too long at Monkey Beach already, and not more energy to hike!

According to the keeper there, this building is build at year 1809.

After I see the stone inside, I feel like a bit scare when see on top of the tower, does all this stone stable enough? some more so many year already!

The view on top of the light tower is really nice, some more the air is very cold.

This is how the look inside the tower

The Light Tower is kinda strong, when I came down, approximate 10 to 15 people still up there, and another group of people is going up again.

Muka Head Light Tower is a nice place to visit, after we finish the visit, we went down to Monkey Beach, and manage to bargain with the fisherman over there to fetch us back with their boat without hike back again, cost us RM30 per trip! (6 person)