Back to my previous post: Your PC Performance, I have mention that my company server CPU Usage are very high, yesterday early morning, is still mid night 3am, the duty manager called me and told me that the server after reboot, the application still cannot run.

IT Officer no life
I on phone support for 1 hour, after that still did’nt make any help, so no choice, I need to go company early in the morning. Damm sleepy for the whole day.

When I arrive, I realise that in the Processes tab, it apear a task/processes call “mxdomainmgr.exe” which take up lot of CPU Usage. I have try to end the process, but after end, the CPU Usage drop, just like the red circle at below picture, but after 10 second, the mxdomainmgr.exe process come in again, auto load back.


After googling on this “MXDOMAINMGR.EXE“, I found some discussion on this issue, it seen like a lot of people have this issue on the HP server. It use up alot of CPU Usage, after reading those article, not much result on it.

How to get rid of this mxdomainmgr.exe

After consult with my IT mentor -Vincent, he directly know how to settle this mxdomainmgr issue, just go to “Services” (Start->Control Panel->administrative tools-services) look for “HP insight Manager” and disable the services, it is very easy. The CPU Usage are low now.

There are no more mxdomainmgr.exe in the process, problem solve.