Sorry did not update my blog, due to I now at perlis working! not much time to update blog. Soon I will come out a wireless AP topic, call “bridging”

I have sign up text link ads since I start blog on last year DEC, after few month, my friend who refer me TLA already earn USD25 commission. WTF~ so easy to earn USD25 just refer a person… After no long, I heard my friend said again receive commission, due to his reader sign up under him.

Seriously I does not really know how TLA work, if not mistaken is some thing like sell TEXT LINK. Almost 1 year I having TLA banner in my blog, but did not receive any news from TLA.

Until today, when I check my email, TLA send me USD25 paypal fund. HUHUHU~ 😀 The person who make me earn this USD25 name eng keat, lee but I does not know this blogger, I would like to thank this blogger who sign under my referral link.

If you would like to thank me for intro this TLA program…



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haha~ Just kidding… to support me, if you don’t have TLA account, just sign up TLA with my reff link, make me USD25 lo~ 😛