Few day back my boss ask me to prepare 1 Photostat IC and 1 Passport size picture. I tough going to do some “pass” or name tag for me.

Yes, is going to make name tag, is a qualify pass to enter all the factory or manufacturing site. without this pass, we are not allow to enter factory. This is the new Law from NIOSH

NIOSH make a lot of money

Every person in factory need to take this seminar and exam, include vendor and constructor. This organization really make a big buck, each person RM75 for this seminar plus exam, if the exam fail, RM10 for re sit. Just image each factory have how many worker and how many factory just in Penang and Prai???

Guess what, pay RM75 no tea break coffee or tea… free air for you to breath only, really sux.

We arrive there about 9am, our company have 8 person to participate, i heard my boss said total we need paid RM800. We need to fill up the registration form and enter the class. Just like Uni life… 🙂

After the seminar, we have 15 minute to answer 15 objective question, and the passing rate is 70%, mean that we cannot answer wrong more then 3 question. Damm, the question farking tricky…