At beginning of this month, I have a post on Which Model to choose?. I have mention on Nokia 5300 and Nokia 6300 Mobile phone, and my reader actually give me some comment.

2 days ago, I finally purchase Nokia 6300 mobile phone. Due to my camera no battery, I am unable to capture the screen shoot and posted here. This post was delay.

Survey before purchase
A lot people also have experience from buying mobile phone, laptop , or any technology related stuff, but do your seller honest to you? Do you get cheated? Normally I like to survey a lot of shop, spend a lot of time before purchase an item, even is very cheap product. My friend comment on me that I am wasted my time, but i don’t think so. although I spending a lot of time to get a simple information, once I heard my friend are looking for the same information, I will share it to them, so they save a lot of their energy, and I hope they will treat me same as i treat them in future.

My Knowledge
I gain some knowledge and tips after the survey. Normally we categories the hand set/mobile phone in to AP (not original) and Zitron (Original). Actually both are same, is only the warranty and the service. I will go for AP since it cheaper, different RM100++($35).

Look for CSL warranty
For AP, it also categories in few company. My friend suggest me look for CSL warranty, CSL is a company which offer full warranty and standard service with the AP price. They offer 15 month warranty, full warranty which include LCD screen and camera in the mobile phone.

Do you see the sticker with “15” there, it is CSL 15 month warranty.

According to the Shop keeper, CLS warranty LCD screen and Camera for 1 year, whereas without CLS warranty (other company) will have 1 month or no warranty for this both item.

In side the box, there are a porch, made by leather

Charger and headset include.

The most important is the CSL warranty card.

At last, here come my Candy Bar, Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone.

I did not familliar with the function yet, not have much time to play with it. For the FM radio, it need to slot in the headset only can function. Camera wise, still loss if compare to sony ericssion. Memory card using micro SD, the price out there is not cheap, RM50 for 1G card….Oops, forgot to mention how much I bought, the price for this Candy Bar (Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone) is RM760.