My experience with Bravofly and Review

Since my last oversea vacation at 2013, I am plan to take a break again end of this year. After searching around, it seem like air fare to Paris is not expensive and I decided to pay a 2nd visit to Europe again.


By doing some preliminary research, I found there is few website that allow us to search for cheapest flight ticket, such as Google Flighs & Skyscanner. From this kind of website, it do recommend which airline offer cheapest air fare and also few agencies who offer cheapest air ticket.


Price is cheaper on Bravofly
For example, from skyscanner, it do list out few agencies such as Bravofly with attractive pricing RM1399, while official airline are selling at RM1525 (332€). Since it is offer by agencies and it is not directly from the official airlines, I had make some research on bravofly and found that not much negative review and bravofly them self do respond customer inquiry as well.


Decided to take a risk
I decide to have a try on bravofly. Although the price stated is RM1399 on Skyscanner and Bravofly, but final checkout shows me RM1430.20. From end of the checkout, it do shows a note that Bravofly will charge $351.57 into my credit card, so the price in MYR might be vary based on currency conversation. After checking with bank, the actual charges is RM 1463.23.


After make this booking from Bravofly, I receive a confirmation email from Bravofly, which include my Booking ID, PNR code, Electronic ticket number and flight itinerary. Since this information is from Bravofly, and not directly from Saudia Airlines, think twice, it might be risky if this information is not valid when I check in at airport. So I make a call to Saudia Airlines’s Malaysia Office, and provide the booking number and Electronic ticket number to the officer and I manage to verify my booking. Same time, I request Saudia Airlines to email me the itinerary as a proof of my flight booking.


Well, this booking experience had proof that purchasing from agencies like Bravofly is secure and I had save some extra bucks for a luxury meal over Airport. Hope this Bravofly purchsing experience and reviews bring benefit to those who looking to purchase flight from 3rd party agencies.

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