Recap to my bad experience with xMails autoresponder earlier (refer to my xmails user review), I had to continue looking for the right autoresponder and a friend introduce me MyMailIt; yet another bad experience not in term of the product, is the developer provide lousy customer service & cocky respond (if you deal with him before you should know).

Next, another friend introduces me Inboxingpro, I manage to get a lifetime deal (LTD) account with a max cap of 20,000 subscribers. This autoresponder is powered by famous Mailwizz, it had to insert own SMTP relay and a lot configuration to set in order to get the best result. I am using Inboxingpro for cold email campaign, and since it had only 20,000 subscribers, I need another autoresponder to start building my list.

Summary of MailingBoss

Actually, I get to know MailingBoss earlier before any autoresponder I mention above. The most impressive on this autoresponder is it comes with unlimited email, unlimited subscriber, unlimited sending, no SMTP require and is just $50 one time payment only, is another great LTD and no other autoresponder can offer such deal. The only drawback for me is it unable to import subscriber (actually is good for me since I am new to building list, I don’t have any existing list to import) and recently beginning of 2019 new policy, MailingBoss lifetime access account no longer offer single opt-in, only double opt-in available except you upgrade to Digital Marketing plan $29.90 monthly or Business plan at $49.90 monthly.

I had bought MailingBoss around the end of January 2019, run some test email to my own test email list to check the quality of services and I found the result is flying colour. All email fall into my inbox and pass SPF and DKIM as below

Meanwhile, I run my 1st campaign, offering my ebook 100+ Digital Marketing Tools (Get a copy if you yet to get one), 3 days later when I get 100 subscribers, below is the open rate, click rate, don’t forget this is a double opt-in campaign. (Earlier I am thinking the Mailingboss new policy with double opt-in is bad news, it will bring a low open rate, unfortunately I am wrong)

This result has proven MailingBoss inbox rate is very high, IPs reputation is good.

How about another result to prove Mailingboss worth to invest?

I had published my 100+ Digital Marketing Tools eBook at one of the Vietnam Digital Marketing’s group, Vietnamese like to leave an email address as a comment. So I had collected approximate 55 emails from the request and I had to manually insert into the list one by one due to my MailingBoss lifetime access account not allow to import (Only BuilderAll monthly subscription plan allow to import). After key in their email one by one into the list, I had scheduled an email campaign to send to all this subscriber. Below the result of this manual insert list. Click rate is not high because I had inbox them over facebook messenger on my 100+ Digital Marketing tools opt-in page.

Well, if you subscribe to services such as Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp or any others autoresponder in the market, you had to pay at least $15-$19 per month for only 500-1000 subscriber. While Mailingboss had no limit and only 1-time payment of $50 and it is a lifetime account.

Some actually asking is MailingBoss stable? will they close the company one day in future if you can’t sustain their business as everyone buying LTD? For this issue, you can be no worry because Mailingboss is belonged to BuilderAll, a stable company since 2011 and still growing rapidly up to date. If you wish to get this LTD, grab your Lifetime Plan below


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