Last week end was Penang 1st Barcamp. Honestly I does not bring a very high hope for this event, because Penangite…. Really make me disappointed 🙁 unlike KL people, aggressive, active,  serious, and self motivated.

When the chair person, Mr.Jackson Teoh call for the 1st Barcamp organizer meeting, I does not bring a high hope to attend, when I attend the 1st organizer meeting, I was shock, approximate 20++ people attend. I was thinking Barcamp have hope”

Guess what? when the 2nd organizer meeting, only 3 person. Jackson, Charles, and me. I was thinking Barcamp seem like no hope” when come to the 3rd meeting, about 6 to 8 person (some does not attend last week barcamp too), bla bla bla, at the end no much conclution. I was thinking Barcamp really no hope this time”

4th meeting, week ago, 4 person turn up, at Inti College to view the site. I was thinking “Forget about it, I just try my best”.

social bookmarking talk

During the Barcamp
On the 1st day of barcamp, when I arrive, I saw a lot people, and realize that a lot are from KL, most of them are KL Barcamp organizer, who come to backup us. Honestly, without them, Penang Barcamp totally no hope. Really need to thank them a lot to help us doing a success Penang Barcamp.

On this 2 days event, my role will be the official Photographer, and also, having a session on “Social Bookmarking Sharing“. During my session, not much people turn up, may be because the next class having hip hop dance session.

Barcamp Social Bookmarking Sharing Session
On my Social Bookmarking sharing session, I try to bring what the meaning, and how does social bookmarking works, and what the benefit using it. Other then this, I also show how to use social bookmarking to increase organic traffic (search engine traffic), with different keyword.

Life Experience
On the last minute, few hours before my session start, I have prepare a life experience, I have search a keyword “iPhone Latest Neonode” and found 1st result was once of my website Hi- Tech Blog’s article about iPhone Neonode listed at the 1st of Google search result.

I have search another keyword “iPhone New Neonode“, and does not found any’s article at Google 1st page; with using this keyword, I submited to, and after few hours, I try to search  “iPhone New Neonode” again and found that the 1st result was be the website with title “iPhone New Neonode“, once visitor get in there, and it will found iPhone article. Indirectly will get traffic from Search Engine.

This method is just able to stay for short term, after some time, it might be not in the 1st page, but so have some other example that able to stay for long time at the google 1st page with the particular keyword. Some SEO consultant said, may be you can target long tail keyword, such as “iPhone Neonode at Penang” or “buy iPhone Neonode at Penang”

Tips 1: There are thousand of social bookmarking around the world, you might target your visitor with different keyword and submit to many social bookmarking website.

Tips 2: Submit your article to social bookmarking website is very time consuming, you can hire some social bookmark submitter to submit for you, probably 100 website will cost you about 10 to 20USD

Tips 3: Use social bookmarking submitter software,  such as Bookmarking Demon, which cost you 147USD. I have buy this software few days ago, and still on my way to testing. Probably will come out some result soon at

After the Barcamp
During the barcamp, there are a lot people over there, I have made a lot new friend, finance guy, business person, programmer, student, and hopefully will keep contact with them at future.

Also, hope the next barcamp, I can have better sharing session with the participant. Gambateh to my self 😛