I am addicted to Internet. Did you?

Seriously, without Internet, I really did not know how my IT Engineer’s life will be? Not only my job, for personal life, I also addicted to Internet. Average 4 to 8 hour per days sitting in front of computer surfing Internet.

Where is all my time goes on Internet? Did you ever ask your self before?
My time actually spend for the SPEED of the Internet. Even our biggest Internet Service Provider (ISP) or broadband provider give us a poor Internet surfing speed. People here call them “Slowmyx”, or “Snailmyx” instead of their real name Steamyx. So to other provider, the service are more worst.

So how your ISP give you? What kind of broadband speed they provide?
Now a days most people have Internet, but some of my friend did not know what kind speed their broadband provider provide. To check on your Internet, you can use broadband-expert.co.uk’s broadband speed test, I have speed test mine broadband, is 160Kbps download speed and 140kbps upload speed only. Is kinda slow 🙁

For Malaysian you may be can consider the latest 4mbps service from “Slomyx”, but the location are limited, Penang and Kuala Lumpur available already. For United Kindom’s friend, you can look for broadband-expert.co.uk for great broadband speed offer, base on your budget, choose a good broadband plan.