Mysql is a very useful database management system for a small to medium website. I found this Mysql essential training and I have downloaded this video tutorial, ready refresh my mind after few years did not really touch on Mysql programming.

In this essential training, you can learn how to Installing and configuring MySQL, Creating and using databases, Using numeric, string, and full-text search functions, Using the command line interface to access MySQL’s powerful security model, Inserting and retrieving data and Choosing a storage engine, this video tutorial is  2 hour 46 minute, file size 188.65 MB

Here is the list of contents:

Chapter 1: Introducing MySQL
1. Welcome
2. What is MySQL?
3. Important terminology
4. Using the exercise files

Chapter 2: Installing the Test Environment
1. Installation overview
2. Installing XAMPP on Windows
3. Installing XAMPP on a Mac

Chapter 3: Configuring MySQL
1. Using the MySQL Command Line Interface on Win
2. Using the MySQL Command Line Interface on a Mac
3. Setting up the root user
4. Setting up a regular user
5. Importing databases on Windows
6. Importing databases on a Mac

Chapter 4: Using the SQL Interactive Demonstrator (SID)
1. Using SID
2. Installing SID on Windows
3. Installing SID on a Mac

Chatpter 5:  Creating a Database
1. Creating a database
2. Creating a table

Chapter 6: MySQL Data Types
1. What are data types?
2. Numeric types
3. String types
4. Large storage types
5. Date and time types
6. Bit type
7. Boolean values
8. Enumeration types

Chapter 7: MySQL Functions
1. MySQL functions
2. String functions
3. Numeric functions
4. Date and time functions
5. Time zones in MySQL
6. Installing time zone support in MySQL in Windows
7. Installing time zone support in MySQL on a Mac
8. Aggregate functions
9. Full-text search

Chapter  8: PHP’s MySQLi Interface
1. PHP programming interfaces
2. Introducing CRUD
3. Connecting to the database
4. Prepared statements
5. Fetching results
6. Auto-increment IDs

Chapter 9: PHP’s PDO Interface with MySQL
1. PDO is multi-platform
2. Connecting to the database
3. Prepared statements
4. Fetching results
5. Auto-increment IDs

Chapter 10: MySql Essential Training Conclusion
1. Ready to use Mysql

Here is the download link for Mysql Essential Training



Update Fed 2019: Apologize as the above download link is no longer available. Please search somewhere else to download above training series.

I remember quite some time ago, I have download another video tutorial training name “Php and MySql Essential Training” Unfortunately, I still haven’t finish watching the video tutorial.